Solutions for Keeping Your Resolutions!

Resolution #1 Be The Solution!
Dark Chocolate Heart Angel Wings
This Friday is Your Last chance to order  Valentine’s gifts for 2011!!!


Call or e-mail your order today!

Invest $50 and receive Your Choice: $5 gift certificate when you pick up your order Friday, February 11th 6p-9p or Saturday, February 12th,  Noon til 6pm.  Free Delivery in Sacramento City on Monday Feb. 14

*** Our Driver is Trading for Tips and Chocolate! LOVE ***

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The first annual Veg Fest, what a great success!

I was NOT prepared for such a  great turn out.

In this new Year many great changes have taken place.

Raw Chocolate Love has blossomed into Angel Chocolates!

What a wonderful Chrysalis!

You now have The Best Raw Organic Vegan Soy Free Gluten Free Love Filled Heart Food Made Locally by Artisan Chocolatiers. Fueled by 4 Generations Amazing Passion for Chocolate Culminating Here &  Now!

The Life Changing Recipe –

Today’s Fun filled interactive Demo.

Basic Cookie Dough ~(Truffle, Crust, Topping, Bar, Cereal…)

2 Cups Soaked and Dehydrated nuts or fresh Raw Local Almonds

1 Cup pitted Fresh Dates

For some of our more “Adult” Palettes Sea Salt may be added in small doses to assist in transitions.


Pulse nuts till desired size of flour. add dates in a few pieces and spread evenly to prevent “globbing-up” of the dates too early.

Allow for even distribution of the dates and stir as needed stopping the machine to scrape the sides. You can tip the machine while it is running to make the mixture move off the sides.

From here you can create literally thousands of items. If you get a little “Jiggy” with the powders, drops of water can be added to help accommodate for the dry. Coconut oil is A GREAT binder if you wish to add a lot of powders

Rule # 1 Have Fun!!!

Rule # 2 Share the Love!

Optional Add in Ideas:

Spirulina, Chlorella, Hemp seeds, coconut, Raw Cacao powder, dried fruit , Mucuna Pruriens, Vanilla, Wolfberries, Mulberries, Maca, Mesquite powder- Anything You can imagine can be mixed in. Flavors are FUN!!!

Remember: You are a “Synergy Chef“- A Natural Creator! We each as Humans Being have an innate sense of what our bodies need. When we learn how to listen to the quietest voice in our being we will Truly find Peice. Playing with this recipe gives You a great chance to play. Imagine- “Final Jeopardy” with the category of – “What ails YOU?”

Come Play with The rest of Your Joyful Life!

We place orders for your super foods as frequent as bi-weekly. Call and get your pre-order in by Thursday, orders will come in by  the appropriate Wednesday following.

Save 10% off all your orders over $100

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Thoughts and Reflections:

You may be as I am, working towards getting closer to my Mother earth. Physically & Spiritually. I am decreasing the number of processed foods I eat. I LOVE
Good Mexican Food! That is my favorite poison! As we perceive Life, it Is!

I Love this Life we are blessed to call the present!


About SynergyChef

A Child of God, A Son, A Brother, A Father, A Chef, A Chocolatier, A Student, A Future Husband & Lover of Life.
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