Angel Chocolate Rocks Your body!

Dates for fall filling NOW!!!!

Host your friends and family for

an Angel’s Chocolate dynamic Cacao


For groups of 6-25 or more

$2-or $20?

What’s your budget?

Let’s play and have fun!

Choco~lotto Lovin’ Life!

Call today to get best choice of available dates.

Available only for Groups of 6-12 Foogasmic choices assorted Truffles  $50 per person Take home a dozen truffles and bring your choice 1 # of raw nuts to create with.

Nuts Best sprouted and dehydrated.

Local clean Almonds available pre-order for $10 per pound ready to go. Make your own for $6 per pound! 

Oct – NorCal Love!

Nov – Pacific North West

Dec – Los Angeles, California & Phoenix, Arizona


Check out our Raw Cacao ingredients here… our source for our Cacao and many of our superfoods:


LoveYour body serve it only The Best!!!

What is your favorite chocolate candy of all time? Bring some ingredients and let’s play!


About SynergyChef

A Child of God, A Son, A Brother, A Father, A Chef, A Chocolatier, A Student, A Future Husband & Lover of Life.
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