dark chocolate

Promote Health as Wealth!!!

“Chunk, likes Chocolate!” Goonies-1985

Well, not all humans as I have now learned are influenced by chocolate. Although there are a great many of us that truly appreciate the finest things in life.

Chocolate, is One of them deserving of full appreciation!

Theobroma Cacao – “food of the god’s” not only has enjoyed being both a ritual beverage and a major currency system in pre-Columbian Mesoamerican civilizations.  Chocolate is currently revered by many for it’s complex diversity of unique flavors.

Not everyone calls a “Baby Ruth” “Chocolate”.

A candy bar is a candy bar.

Dark chocolate Raw Vegan Love

Pure Love!

Chocolate, however is in a class all it’s own!

Angel Chocolate’s  feature the Best of the Best, un-toasted Dominican & Peruvian Raw cacao powder ground in Belgium.

Our delightfully stimulating blend of Cacao powder is delicately combined  with the aromatic, healthful and satiating Cacao Butter, Truly raw agave, , Coconut Secret sugar crystals, Local  Honey  and/or Stevia. Tahitian Vanilla rocks the beans with mineral rich ancient sea salts.

Custom creations made just for you are specifically designed with you in mind, Just for you or your special events, corporate gifts, menu items  & more!

Our imaginations thrive creating fantastic fantasies from fountains of flowing molten chocolate to seasonal fruits dipped and crunchy sprouted Organic local Almonds, chewy caramels, Maple nougat, coconut mountains, crisp to the snap and soothing on the melt- down… shining with elegance in every bite! Enjoy by devouring or savoring our finished masterpieces, almost too beautiful to eat.


Dripping! Drooling? Cooing?

Paradise indeed!

How fitting to celebrate The Art of Chocolate, Feasting on the Fantastic Fantasies at the Paradise Chocolate Fest!

Check us out in  Paradise!

May 10th & 11th 2013

Coming Soon to a special place somewhere in Chico, CA

Yes! it even works as body paint!chocopaint


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A Child of God, A Son, A Brother, A Father, A Chef, A Chocolatier, A Student, A Future Husband & Lover of Life.
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