Fleur de Cacao

Fleur de Cacao

Wow! Can I eat that???
Thank You LuLu!!! 🙂

Stop by Angel Chocolate between 3 & 6 M-F! Hwy 32 Just north of East Ave Chico, 95973

Text for Address 916.572.6010 and availability for Larger Quantity orders>

Today’s Menu 15 May 13

Choc ra la fondue

Choc Ra La Fondue

Choc-Ra La Fondue – Fudgy Truffle Base with Naturally sweetened Raw Cacao, essence of Vanilla & Coconut.

“Balance your Flow!”

Cold – spoon it while it melts in your mouth. Warm – Dip Fresh berries or any fruit. Melt – Topping for the perfect Sundae!

$10 for 9 fl. oz. Open House Special until May 17th! Buy 2 Get 1 Fre-E!

Pure Love! The Bark…

Pure Love the base of all our creations! 75% Raw Cacao, Sweetener of Choice, Tahitian Vanilla ‘Caviar’, Real Salt, and Love.

 Pure Love – Crunchy Almond,  Local, Sprouted & Snappy!

Pure Love – Cinnamon Chipotle – “just enough to let you know it’s there”

2 oz size $6

~ oo ~ Special Open house Price until May 17th ~ oo ~ 5 for $20!


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