Well folks, I created a small hiccup in the flow of chocolate lovingly produced. Long story, short- I have a federal trial currently set for July 28th to 30th for a conspiracy charge. In 2012 I was contracted as a gardening consultant on a medical garden that was destroyed by the local Sheriff’s and I suspect processed and sold for profit. In October of 2014 & April also I contemptuously shook my fists in furious frustration. Something,  that I know now, they will remand you into custody without care as to the wellbeing of your children or significant others or a business. All that matter is that they show us just who has The Power!
So, for 6 months, I sat in a federal holding facility. Prayerfully meditating and seeking God’s light in the darkness which enveloped me.
I am now free to jump through the pretrial release hoops, which are 100,000 x better than choosing to eat playdo or fast. I am so much more appreciative of chlorophyll & sunshine than I was before!

So, I am buying time until this is over. Awaiting reply from a friend with commercial kitchen space so the flow can go sooner than later. Thank you for all your love and support!


About SynergyChef

A Child of God, A Son, A Brother, A Father, A Chef, A Chocolatier, A Student, A Future Husband & Lover of Life.
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