Inventory Available

It is with great pleasure I share with you this detailed list of available treats from Angel Chocolate Co.

CUPS- 1-1/2 oz $4.99 ea

Pecan butter

Pecan “caramel” Date

MINIBARS 1/2 oz $1.99 ea

Pure Love – Olive the Thyme – Snowberry(coconut/goji) – Orange Cinnamon “The OC” – “Cinotlé” cinnamon chipotle.


Bark 2oz $6.99 ea

Honey sweetened 69% Raw Cacao. Pure Love – Olive the Thyme – Snowberry – ” Almiel” (honey almond)

Coconut Sugar sweetened 69% cacao

The OC – Cinotlé- Salted Caramel Almond Crunch


Do you have a favorite flavor combo with chocolate you’d like to see?

Hit us with your favorites @angelchocolateco on Instagram

coming soon!


85% minibars and bark!



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