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Dark Chocolate

No Mas Agave!

Now made with Local wildflower Honey or Coconut Palm Sugar in the spicy blends!


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  • Barks – All bark are packaged in 2oz biodegradable vegetable based plastic. Ship in 12ct cases.
    ** “PURE LOVE” – This is the base of everything we make. (Honey sweetened, 70% Ecuadorian single origin Cacao)
    ** “ALMIEL” – Germinated Crunchy Organic Almonds covered in “Pure Love”
    ** “MONKEY CRUNCH” – (Crunchy Germinated Organic Walnuts & Fully ripened Organic Sun-dried Mexican Bananas topped with Cacao nibs),
    ** “SNOW BERRY” – Goji berries covered WITH “PURE LOVE”,
    ** “MACA LOVE CRUNCH” – 54% Cacao swimming in maca and dowsed in crunchy raw Cacao Nibs
    ** “HONEY MYLK LAVENDER” – 54% Cacao creamy coconut butter with DoTerra essential oil of Lavender, dancing in dried lavender flower petals

    All Spiced Varieties are sweetened with evaporated coconut crystals…
    ** “CINOTLE” – 70% Cacao with Strong flavor of Red Ape Cinnamon &amp a hint of smokey Chipotle spice sweetened with coconut sugar.
    ** “SALTED ALMOND CRUNCH” – 70% Cacao covering crunchy germinated organic almonds with a light dusting of Real Salt and coconut sugar
    ** “CREAMY CHICO CHAI” – 54% Cacao creamed with coconut butter enhanced with Chai infused coconut sugar.

  • Mini Tarts “Truffled” Chocolates – Pure Love, coconut milk, cinnamon creme, seasonal specials

  • Butter Cups – Pecan, Almond, Brazil, Jungle Peanut

  • Fondue fountain with  Seasonal fruit

  • Coconut mountains – Orange spice, chocochip, vanilla, choco-trio

  • Turtles – Barhi Dates & Crunchy Pecans enrobed in “Pure Love”

  • Nut Clusters – Almonds, Salted Jungle Peanuts, Cashew, Macadamia,

  • Custom molded shapes – Cowboy Boots, Hearts, Brains, Roses, 

  • Personalized Ayurvedic functional combinations

  • Desserts – Chocolates, Tortes, Pies, Cookies, Cashew Cheese Cakes, Trifles, Petit fours, Tarts & More!

If it’s chocolate We Can Do it!

Just ask and your heart will sing with Pure Joy!


2 Responses to Menu

  1. Allison Bergson says:

    I’m not one to ever leave comments/reviews but this is seriously the most incredible chocolate I’ve ever had so far. It actually made my day so thank you.

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