Superfood Shake Mix Recipes

Angel’s Shake Mix!

*** 5 Simple Ingredients ***


Versatile- Cacao Powder (1)

Delicious- Coconut Sugar (2) & Sweet Mesquite (4)

Omega- Energy packed Hemp Seeds (3)

Creamy – Lucuma Powder (Dried EggFruit)

“What a Sweet

Chocolate Shake mix!”

Have You had Your Superfoods Today?

Suggested Optional Ad in Superfood Boosts:

Synergy Chef aka Raw Chocolate (Love) Richard Hemsley Recommends investigating these Powerhouse Superfoods for mind and Body, Clarity and calm of Spirit!

  • Ashawaganda – (Adaptogen) Catalyst assistant aiding in detox and nutrient uptake.
  • Chia- Protein, Omegas, Extended Energy
  • Chlorella !! – Craving Animal Meats? Mindfully meditate upon a super dose of GREEN Power- No Recycling of those Amino Acids Means More Energy for You!
  • Cinnamon – Ceylon Best!
  • Green Coffee Extract -anti-oxidants/energy
  • Holy Basil – Tea or herb Calming in Changes of life
  • Maca – Endochrine Balancing – “Peruvian ViagrA”
  • Mucuna Pruriens – Pineal Assistance – Clarity – Lucid Dreaming
  • Shilajit – Concentrated Ancient Fulvic Acid _ Detox!
  • Turmeric – Best Fresh Juiced!  Ojio 95% Curcuminoids  Anti inflamatory! ++

Consult your knowledge first of all for any Herbs or spices that May call to You! Seek Then from those educated in Natural plants. Internet Is a Blessing for This Purpose!



The recipes below are a collection of fun we have had playing with this mix and you are encouraged to share your fun creations too!

More Pics Coming Soon!

“Superhero Coffee!”



As  seen in the Fall 2016 Issue of Edible Shasta Butte


by Erin